H.R. 6 (110th): Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007

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Climate change has garnered much attention over the past decade. Similarly, the cost of energy has become a growing debate. Ultimately, the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 was introduced in response to the growing concerns with climate change as well as the increasing amount of greenhouse gas emissions coupled with increased oil price. These factors brought these issues to the general public’s attention and raised questions regarding the United States’ own energy efficiency and reliance on foreign energy. After the United States declined to ratify the Kyoto protocol, which would have helped to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we fell behind in standards for clean energy and energy independence through clean
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The renewable portfolio would have required that utilities produced fifteen percent of their power from a renewable source. The tax package would have funded renewable energy by repealing a 21 billion dollar set of tax breaks for domestic oil and gas producers (Currier et al, 2007).
Agenda Setting
The Energy Independence and Security Act was introduced for a number of reasons. The State of the Union Address by George Bush in 2006 was one reason the issues addressed in this bill gained status and became part of the agenda for the 110th Congress. In this State of the Union Address, President Bush attended to the U.S. energy policy by emphasizing the importance of America remaining competitive, which he explained requires affordable energy. Moreover, President Bush acknowledged that America is addicted to imported oil; he also explained that one of the best ways to break this addiction is through technology (Washington Post 2006). In 2006 America imported approximately 5 billion barrels of oil averaging roughly 400,000 thousand barrels per month (U.S Energy Information Administration (EIA, 2013). The average cost of a barrel of oil in 2006 was approximately 59 dollars, which was significantly increased from 2001 by 37 dollars per barrel of imported oil; this amounts to spending close to 295 billion dollars on imported oil in

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