Essay on Growing Up With Domestic Violence

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My dad once told me that ‘if you ever feel the need to hit a woman, you shouldn’t be with her’. Funny that that came out of him considering he would hit my mom up until he left for the military. By that point, they had already gotten divorced. My mom and my dad were very young when they got together and very young when they divorced but they had four kids in between those seven years. I was too young to realize that my mom would hit my dad so it never got to me. The only memory I recall however is him shooting the ceiling of their bedroom out of anger. Luckily, he shot the ceiling and that’s it. Shortly there after he went into the army and learned that saying I mentioned above. I guess my dad just had a problem controlling his temper. …show more content…
I grew overprotective of my sisters. To all of their boyfriends I met, even the ones bigger than me, I told them that if they ever laid a finger on either of my sisters I would kill them. Now murder is a little extreme but I would be willing to go to jail for them. Having grown a little bit older, I then realized that violence doesn’t solve violence. This obviously doesn’t apply for my dad however. My dad would come by and see us from time to time as we grew older, and as we grew older, he would be the one to tell me to look after my sisters because he wasn’t always around. He was the one that told me, if I ever found out about a boy hurting my sisters that I should kill him and if I did not to call him. However, there are worse cases out there where most women live in fear of leaving. Why don’t women leave from abusive relationships? All too often, the question “Why do women stay in violent relationships?” is answered with a victim-blaming attitude. Women victims of abuse often hear that they must like or need such treatment, or they would leave. Others may be told that they are one of the many “women who love too much” or who have “low self esteem”. The truth is that no one enjoys being beaten, no matter what their emotional state or self-image. A woman’s reasons for staying are more complex than a statement about her strength of character. In many cases, it is dangerous for a woman to leave her abuser. If the abuser has

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