Essay on Green Management

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Green Management Assume you are the Green Manager of a government department e.g. Environmental Protection Department, Drainage Services Department or Housing Department, formulate an action plan for green management in our headquarters and branch offices. Your action plan should be concise and realistic, understood by junior workers and useful for all-staff participation. Limit your answer to not more than 4 pages. Bullet point style is allowable. (You may access to the web site of …show more content…
As the increasing consumption of energy and the resultant depletion of fossil fuels as well as the pollution caused in generating energy has led to widespread acceptance around the world of the need to conserve energy. Action will including, Natural light where possible, removal of unnecessary light bulbs, energy efficient electronic ballast for lighting – by comparing with conventional ballast, the technical performance of the electronic ballast are, flicker-free starting of fluorescent luminaries, less heat generated-safety operation and less A/C load. No humming noise during operation, much higher power factor, no stroboscopic effect. Reflective film on the windows and venation blinds protect against direct sunlight that to avoid increasing the room temperature, switching off the air-conditioning and light zones in offices to facilitate switching off when not occupied, install the occupancy sensor to minimize energy wastage, air-conditioning at 22-25˚C,variable speed drives – with a variable speed drive, instead of running at full speed all the time, the motor of the air handling unit/water pump can operate at lower speeds and deliver just the necessary amount of the fresh air/ chilled water to meet the need – the technical performance of the variable speed drives are, lower noise generated at lower speed, more accurate flow control comparing

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