Good Advice Essay

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Good Advice

When we first started to talk about good advice, I didn't fully understand what makes good advice, well, good. "Advice is advice." I said to myself, walking home from class trying to think of where to start. As the subject grew in class, everybody started to get deeper into the subject until we all had a well-based understanding on what good advice is. Everyone had a little different perspective than everybody else, which made the subject very interesting. I realized that there are many requirements for good advice.

Looking back on my paper, I realized that I made one point about good advice, which was the only point that I really looked at. This point was how I viewed good advice at that time. I think advice is good
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His mom added in personal things with some general sayings that helped him overcome his fear of making some decisions. So both can be useful to me. Jackie taught me that, even though I might not like some advice given, I have to choose what is best. I will never have to take the advice, but sometimes trust in the advisor is more important than the advice itself. Then I read Luke's paper. His was different than anybody else's because he pointed out that the advice he got made him learn something about himself, which made that advise exceptional. All of these, and many other points, lead me to my conclusion.

So what is good advice? To me, good advice is a connection between an advisor and an advisee. It is where one person takes the time to try to help out another. Good advice is never forced on anybody. This will make the person despise the advisor and could do more damage than good. I learned that an advisor has to let the advisee make the actual decision for himself. All an advisor can do after the advice is given is sit back and hope they did enough to help. After good advice is given, there is a connection between the two involved that hasn't been there before. The best advice, for me, is when the advice lets me grow as a person; it lets me see for myself that I can get through anything, with a little help.

I learned that I will never know where or when advice will come from, but when

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