Globalism, The Unstoppable Force of Western Culture on the World

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Author Michael Schuman said it best, “Globalization is very much alive and well.” He would be correct in this assumption, as many countries are accepting the western cultural influence as their own. As the authors, Foer and Appaih, strive to identify globalization with single references, as they lacks the overall annotation; globalism, and its unstoppable force. Appiah’s meaning for globalization is more specific than Schumans and on a personal, family, and religious level with acceptance and how others perceive them. Appiah’s approach to globalism is perception based, outside of what his family beliefs are and what is dissimilar by other cultures with no appeal to influence. Foer on the other hand, perceives globalization culture as it is …show more content…
In recent years the effects of globalization have been primarily influenced by the larger, more developed countries, like, United States, China and India. As other groups would embrace one position on culture and urbanization, Americans choose to embrace many aspects of others initially therefore creating our views of globalization. This is not the case with most third world countries or undeveloped countries. For example, in America, how can we explain the youth of today;s society listening to bands from Great Britain, even more so, that more Americans are driving cars built in other countries today. In generalization there are differences between the cultural groups for example, it is widely known and accepted that Christians believe in Jesus Christ and Catholics believe in God. It is all up to the individual to either accept globalization or pressuring there cultural heritage themselves; your way of living, it is your choice. Seeing the world in these authors perspectives is attainable by many, in regards to globalization. In Appiah’s essay, the reference to eating cats and or eating “bush animals” being, venison and other wild game like rabbits. For example, I can relate to eating “bush animals” not cats though as I am hunter who tends to live off the land, a tradition passed down to me by

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