Global Warming Essay

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Although a popular belief, the idea that global warming is man made phenomena is a fallacy. While the scientifically uninformed may believe that CO2 is causing dramatic change in our climate, this is not true. Due to solar activity and natural variations in the Earth's climate, we experience alterations in our climate. While scientific data and the examinations of natural occurrences in our climate are overlooked in the common theories of climate change, the truth about our Earth's climate lies in an analysis of the facts. CO2, carbon dioxide, is claimed to be the active ingredient in climate change as we know it, according to scientists such as John Houghton, PhD in Environmental Studies. This hypothesis, based off of data collected in …show more content…
Chris de Frietas, Ph.D. and climate scientist at the University of Auckland, accurately says, "... the ice core record shows exactly the opposite of the hypothesis of man made global warming, the most fundamental assumption of the whole theory of climate change is wrong." This observation, by a leading scientist in the environmental field, was proved correct when in 2001. He explained the 800 year lag of CO2 behind temperature change. As the Earth naturally warmed, the oceans would begin to warm also. But, it took nearly 800 years to heat such a large body of water to a temperature equal to that of Earth's. After 800 years, when the temperature of the ocean matched the temperature of the Earth, CO2 was released from the ocean into the atmosphere. Similarly, when the temperature of the Earth decreased, and 800 years later the ocean followed, the oceans would absorb CO2. The oceans simply released and absorbed CO2 based on its temperature. While some skeptics of this fact argue the accuracy of the data obtained from ice samples, the recent and direct impact of CO2 on temperature change is stunning. Data taken by Robert Kandel in Our Changing Climate shows the stunning reality of the impact CO2 has on our temperature. Industrial production, causing a release of CO2, during the early 20th century was at a relative low, yet illustrated by the graph showing the correlation between temperature and CO2, temperature was at a relative

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