Gender Roles and Peer Pressure Essay examples

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Many people assume that America has minimal issues involving gender roles. It’s true that our culture has come a long way with gender role issues. Women and men are presented with the same opportunities whether its job related or socially related. For example, today women in America can obtain the same career as a man, or vice versa with men. Men can now be more open with their emotions or become stay at home dads if the couple agrees that’s the perfect solution, but these issues are still frown upon from our gender constructed culture. Although gender roles have come to a certain amount of change, Americas society has created greater peer pressure for females, culture shaped gender, and has allowed social media to establish the ideal male …show more content…
While women suffer from great pressure from their peers, they are also pressured by the social media and consumerism creating the ideal image. As an article about media influence states, “Research has shown that media exposure to unattainable physical perfection is detrimental to people, especially women and that the detrimental effects are currently more rule the exception” (Hass, Pawlow, Pettibone, and Segrist). Women are bombarded by commercials with skinny models sponsoring new makeup, clothing, and other consumerist commodities. A women might use all these commodities to alter their look to fit in. This pressure starts creating a guideline for women to follow so they can feel accepted by our culture.
Men are also affected by these market tactics. Social media creates the pressure by targeting a gender and showing what the ideal male should look like. Media presents this overly bulked up guy wearing a specific brand, driving a specific car, or using an expensive colon surrounded by beautiful women. A male might feel eager to look like the male model in the commercial with the goal in mind that he will also be wanted by the beautiful girls. Stephen Hall states, “By the time his junior year in high school began, Alexander had packaged his old self in a phenomenally new body, and it had the desire effect” (358). Hall is talking about teenage boy who altered his body image to help his self-esteem and social life.
Although we face pressure from our peers and media, we

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