Essay on Freud and C.S Lewis: Opposite Points of View on Religion

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Two great men, two exact opposite points of view, when it comes to the question of a master creator. These two men would have a profound effect on the life that we live today. Freud who was born to an orthodox Jewish family in the mid 1800’s was born into a lower class family his father was in the wool trade. The collapse of the family business moved him and his family to a Vienna, Ghetto. Freud would later become the voice of science in a logical and philosophical battle. The latter would be author, C.S Lewis; Lewis grew up in a religious home as well, being born 42 years after the birth of Freud. Lewis’s parents were both educated individuals. Lewis’s father was a lawyer and his mother a mathematician. These men would both face their …show more content…
In his teens and school fairing days Freud, studied the sciences. In his preparation for schools during the 1880’s and 1890’s Freud was exposed to many different ways and ideas of thinking. Freud’s thinking partially took on the ideas expressed in the times popular book, The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. The learning climate that Freud was developing in was one of science and logic. The scientist and researchers around the world now explained mysteries that once confounded the human mind, daily. Ernst Brucke was one of the most influential figures in Freud’s life. Freud studied under Brucke as a research assistant in the field of neurology. This man had an intense influence on the young Jewish student. Freud would obtain his doctorate in medicine in 1881. He however would face many hardships due to his ethnic heritage. In 1886 Freud opened his first neurologist's office in Vienna, Rathausstrasse 7. With the guidance of Jean-Martin Charcot, Freud learned hypnosis as a clinical treatment. Freud began formulating his own theories on how the mind works and what the underlying causes were. Through his studies and learning, Freud decided he much preferred science to religion and his atheism came to fruition. Freud believed that all things had an explanation and this explanation was in the mind. Religion, in Freud's view, was simply a poor

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