Essay on Four Year Old Development Analysis

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The child chosen for this observation is a four year old male, who apparently is a healthy normal child. He weighs 42.5 pounds, and is 44 inches tall. His mother is Hispanic-American and his father is Hispanic; they are married and live together. The child lives with his parents and an older brother (sixteen years old, and not from the same father). He has another brother (nineteen years old, not from the same mother) that comes occasionally to the house. The child’s closest brother is twelve years apart from him. The neighborhood where he lives has restricted access, security personnel, and looks nice and clean. His room and rest of the house are clean and safe as well. He has his own room, TV station, DVD player, books, movies, and his …show more content…
Some of the things that make me reach this conclusion are:
• His vocabulary is extensive and imaginative.
• When asked if he had siblings, he asked me back: “what are siblings”, (Appendix 2).
• His favorite animals are Spinosaurus, and T-Rex, (Appendix 2)
• While playing a board game, he celebrates his wins, whereas gets irritated when losing. The age ranging the preoperational stage is from 2 to 7 years old. Children think symbolically; this was something that he exhibit while mentioning the animals, and asking what was a sibling. He also tends to be very self-centered, and just consider his own point of view (does not like when others win him). In addition, according to his mother, he demands a lot of attention, (see appendix 3).Children at this stage will still be self-centered and struggle to see things from others perspective, (Cook & Cook, 2010; Gall, Beins, & Feldman, 2001). The child observed, appears to be in stage one of the preconventional level of the moral development theory proposed by Kohlberg. For example talking to him I realized he knows that bullying is wrong, (see appendix 2). He knows that doing so can bring bad consequences. Lawrence Kohlberg proposed that an individual develops its moral character in three levels: pre-conventional, conventional role, and autonomous moral principles. Each of these levels consists of two stages. The first level, preconventional, is characterized by the formation of standards that an individual makes

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