Film Review for Coal Miner's Daughter Essay

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The Coal Miner’s Daughter, an influential film, first shown in 1980, was voted an Academy Award Winning Motion Picture. This film depicts a young girl’s life who lived in a coal mining town, had a journeying life, and become a famous country singer. This motion picture was not produced purposing pure societal entertainment, but rather the accurate portrayal of Loretta Lynn’s personal life. The film Coal Miner’s Daughter, illustrates Loretta Lynn’s life’s obstacles of family struggles, influential friends, and emotional tactics of life’s exertion.
Family life was hard and time-consuming, during the 1930’s. Loretta Lynn, born the first child of her seven siblings in 1932. Her parents, Ted and Clara Webb, raised the family in Butcher
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The first influence in Loretta’s life would be her parents. Her parents held a special value and Loretta’s aims were taking good care of them and help them out when she could. However, her parent’s strong relationship would soon be interrupted when a stranger comes to town and Loretta’s heart is taken suddenly when the new army recruitment man. When Loretta meets this man, Doolittle Lynn, and suddenly her relationship becomes based around the presence Doolittle Lynn and her parents. Her parents did not approve of Doolittle. A month after they met, Doolittle proposed. Loretta explains in her book, the emotional struggle her parents had and her going right out and marrying Doolittle. The choice Loretta makes, her parents become emotionally broken. Loretta’s once strong relationship with her parents, now broken and it would not fully recover. Loretta even analyses this in her book when she says, “Daddy did not talk to me for about three weeks after Doo and I got married. This was a major emotional struggle for me to put up with” (Lynn 157). Even though Loretta was head over heals for Doolittle, this incident was not worth the trouble, because a couple of months after being married, Doolittle abandoned Loretta. This left her living with her parents for a while. And it was the longest while for Loretta, because her parents still could not forgive her for what she had done. Even though this little tension occurred, Doolittle

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