Faculty and Instruction at Community Colleges Essay

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Faculty at community colleges shape the selection, design, and implementation of the curriculum and instructional practices. While faculty shape curriculum and instruction, the community college workplace with its culture, attitudes, rules and requirements in turn shapes faculty approaches to curriculum and instruction. Faculty serve as the hub for communication between their colleagues, as well as between students, administrators, and staff. Faculty at community colleges experience a greater focus and emphasis on teaching as their primary responsibility, with little pressure to publish or conduct research. Although committed to their academic disciplines, faculty at community colleges have more traditionally viewed their role as a calling …show more content…
In addition to classroom contact hours, community college faculty typically hold 10-12 office hours each week and spend another 5-10 hours on campus each week in a variety of activities such as committee work, meetings, campus events, etc. Regardless of the number of hours spent on campus in the classroom, office hours, and in other duties, as professional employees under salaried contract, faculty spend additional time each week preparing for classes, grading assessments and analyzing the results. Those inclined to conduct research or write scholarly papers do so above and beyond the time already described. Cohen, Brawer, and Kisker (2013), in summarizing Roessler (2006), stated that community college full-time faculty “salaries differ by institutional locale, averaging $59,960 in suburban colleges and $46,534 in rural colleges” (p. 89). Many faculty members also teach overload classes for additional pay which adds on average approximately 10% to their salaries. As for part-time faculty, Pearch and Marutz (2005), in quoting Wyles (1998), stated “those who depend on part-time teaching for income or as entrée to a career face the reality of one-term contracts, median pay of $1500 for a typical three-credit course (Avakian, 1995), a static pay scale, and only rare opportunities to convert their jobs into full-time appointments” (p. 36). Community college faculty and instructional issues include, but are not limited to, curriculum development and assessment,

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