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F. Scott Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1869, in St. Paul Minnesota and died December 21, 1940 in Hollywood by heart attack. He was the son of Edward Fitzgerald and Mary McQuillan. Neither of them were writers or had anything to do with writing for that matter so where F. Scott got his writing skills from is unknown, but it likely came from his father’s side for his father’s great-great-grandfather was the brother of Francis Scott key’s grandfather. Francis Scott Key is who F. Scott Fitzgerald is named after. He also wrote the “Star Spangle Banner”. F. Scott was the pride and joy of his parents, especially his mother; she would often show him off and make him sing and entertain when family or company came to visit. He did this till …show more content…
To get out of the war, he wrote his first book, it was denied, but the reviewer told Scott he should submit more. The war ended before he was ever deployed so now Scott could fulfill his literally dreams. In 1920 he got his dream started with, This Side of Paradise. A lot of the book came from F. Scott’s real life and experiences. Its’ main character, Amory Blaine, is a young man who falls in love with 2 high-class girls but is ultimately rejected by both. (F. Scott Biography). This reflects much on F. Scott’s life and books, for instance it is said that at a young age F. Scott was told by a young girl’s father that poor boys shouldn’t think about marrying rich girls. (Donaldson) The book was an instant success, with many glowing review and overnight turned F. Scott into one of America’s most promising young writers at only 24. From 1920 till he died he embraced the lifestyle of a celebrity. Though he had dreamt of being a serious writer his lifestyle made him more known as a playboy than a writer. (F. Scott Biography) F. Scott wrote many short stories and a few novels from the 20’s and on to stay finically stable. His most notable short stories were The Last of the Belles, the Diamond as big as the Ritz, the Camel’s Back, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; And a notable novel is The Beautiful and the damned. But nothing could compare to the literally genius that was to come. (F. Scott Biography) F. Scott’s most critically

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