Examination of Lending Institutions, Health Care, and Human Capital Examination in Kenya

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Research reveals that most developing nations make it a strategic plan to depend on lending services from global lending organizations (Njogu, 2007). IMF and the World Bank are the major lenders as far as this is concerned. This is a classical way of stimulating development in all sectors of the global economy. Up to date analyses show that nations that embark on international borrowing continue to register enormous multispectral advancements that would otherwise not be experienced. Kenya is one of the developing nations that offer a satisfactory case in point in regard to the examination of this topic. This nation has continued to gain heights in healthcare and human capital development compared to others in its region (Van, 2001). …show more content…
On political development, the nation found it easy to transition into the adoption of a new constitution. This was through a process of formation that was highly financed by lending from the World Bank (Van, 2001). History has so far proven that the new constitution has become a major political development in the nation. In addition, the implementation process of the constitution will take a gradual phase that is guaranteed success under the sponsorship of IMF. Economically, the nation of Kenya has developed hilariously following consistent funding by the World Bank. There have been numerous developments in both physical and informational infrastructure pioneered through such funds. Roads and modern communication systems have been built in the nation within a significantly short period of time. A good example is the construction of Africa’s first Superhighway (Thika Superhighway) which joins the nation’s industrial city to Nairobi the central business district (Njogu, 2007). Other developments include the adoption of fiber optic cables that has revolutionized the nation’s data transmission. These political and economic developments stimulated by international borrowing have come with splendid social developments in the country. The living standards of Kenyans have improved in the last one decade. The nation has been able to finance campaigns that have led to the creation of medications for

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