Evaluation of Blood Brothers, by Willy Russell Essay

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Blood Brothers Evaluation

We went to see the play, 'Blood Brothers' at the local Theatre. I expected the play to be very emotional and sad, from the reviews that my friends had given me.

The plot of the story is that there are two twins and they are separated at birth. As the mother has 7 other children to look after and is the only person in the house who earns money, she cannot afford to keep them both. After much persuasion she gives one away to her employer, Mrs Lyons, a woman who is rich but unable to have any children of her own. The twin who is given away grows up in a middle class household and the other twin who is kept grows up in a working class household. They become best
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For example when the narrator was singing he also moved the table and chairs so that it was set for the next scene

The scenery was much more effective because the stage was sloped towards the audience. When Mickey and Linda were walking through the fields the stage made it look more real as it looked like it had depth. The performance had a good use of levels because when Mickey was getting told off by his mother (Mrs Johnstone) she stood up and was leaning over him and he was on his knees on the floor. This shows that Mrs Johnstone had power over him because he was scared of her. Also when she was standing over him it made her look taller helped emphasize that she had power over him. By having lower status the actor playing Mickey was able to show that he was a child, as children don't have any power, therefore a low status

The lighting helped create mood and atmosphere very well, especially different coloured lighting as different colours are associated with different emotions. Also the brightness of the light can affect the atmosphere, a bright light brings a happy mood but a dull or flickering light can create a sombre aura. They used yellow lighting at the funfair; this created a cheerful atmosphere. Whereas they used red when something bad happened or when someone remembered something and it was making them feel guilty. Like when the narrator was singing 'The

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