Euthanasia Essay: Assisted Suicide and Dr. Kevorkian

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Dr. Jack Kevorkian was sentenced fifteen to twenty

years in jail for a second degree murder charge. There is no doubt

that Dr. Kevorkian injected lethal drugs into Thomas Youk, killing him

within minutes. But was the murder committed as an act of rage? No,

it was done as an act of kindness.

For the past ten years, Dr. Kevorkian has been performing assisted

suicides. In that time, Kevorkian claims to have eased the suffering

of 130 patients. He has also been fighting to legalize euthanasia.

There are some people that support Kevorkian’s views of euthanasia,

yet there are still many people that think that what Kevorkian is

doing is wrong. Until the later part
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He has

never charged a fee for his services. Kevorkian is just trying to

open the nations eyes on the topic and has "attempted to provoke and

expand the public discussion of euthanasia" (Grace 48). It should not

be the choice of the government what a suffering person does with

their life. Jack Kevorkian argues that "everyone should have the

right to decide when to die and that doctors should be allowed to

help" (Nelan 89). Assisted suicide is not enough. Dr. Kevorkian

claims that euthanasia is "better than assisted suicide because it is

surer" (Shapiro 37). Many doctors disagree with Kevorkian and do not

want any part with euthanasia. Physicians say that "requiring someone

to take the pills themselves prevents abuse by guaranteeing that the

decision to die is voluntary" (Shapiro 37). There is too much of a

chance of a lawsuit against the physician if something was to go


Dr. Kevorkian’s actions have led supporters to thinking of him as "an

angel of mercy who helps patients die with dignity," while others that

oppose Jack Kevorkian believe "he is more accurately described as a

serial killer" (Corry 88). Jack Kevorkian is not a serial killer. He

does not go around looking for people to do his assisted suicide deeds

on. Every patient he had came to him asking for his help. Dr.

Kevorkian videotaped every

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