Essay on Environmental problems Caused By the Overconsumption of Meat

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Many of us never really stop to think about the environmental problems caused by the meat production industry. This might be due to the fact that we have not been educated on this increasing dilemma. In today’s society, food companies are advertising how they are going green. The only downside to this is that they are not diminishing the dependency on meat. The problems that this high production of meat brings to the environment are an increase in air pollution, overgrazing, deforestation and the diminishing of water resources. Each one of these factors is incrementally adding up into a less environmentally friendly tomorrow.
At the rate that we are going, not much progress is being made. An interesting fact is that livestock have added
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This land that is being used to cultivate this nutrition contributes to the clear cutting of many areas of the forest (Nathan, pg. 1). It is also stated that “Ranching-induced deforestation is one of the main causes of loss of some unique plant and animal species in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America as well as carbon release in the atmosphere” (“Environmental effects of meat consumption”, pg. 1). The endangerment of these species could be prevented with the efficient use of the land provided. Much of the food cultivated for the livestock is processed through machines that use petroleum to grind up the plants. These machines use fossil fuels which accumulate in the air to add to the air pollution. Another interesting factor is that it takes much more water to produce a food in meat than a food in grain. According to John Robbins, “it roughly takes 60, 108, 168, and 229 pounds of water to produce a pound of potatoes, wheat, corn and rice respectively. He reports that a pound of beef however, requires 12,000 gallons of water” (“Environmental effects of meat consumption”, pg. 1).
The dependency that we are putting on the meat industry is just too much. At the rate we are going, these numbers are going to go up even more. One solution that is being proposed is going vegan. Veganism is defined as a change of lifestyle in which you exclude yourself from consuming any type of animal product as well as using

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