Email Privacy at Vitruvius Sportswear Essay

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Vitruvius Sportswear: Email Privacy
Companies are responsible for keep their trade secrets private, while protecting employee rights. This balance is not always easy to accomplish, and must be handled with a firm and clear intentions. Vitruvius Sportswear uses technology that allows the system administrator view all incoming and outgoing emails (O’Rourke, 2010). This is a common practice to make sure that information being shared is appropriate for business transactions. Vitruvius also has employees sign a waiver during orientation that shows their understanding that information being transmitted through email can be viewed at any time. The person also instructing on email has said using email for personal use is ok within certain
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New Email Policy The expectation of privacy at work should be low. When a company owns the equipment, services the equipment and pays for the software, the idea that emails and other information being sent across is protected would be naive for an employee to think. For a company to think that personal business does not happen during the work day would also be naïve. In 2003 the daily average of emails sent per person was 174 and 14 million employees have their internet use monitored (Firoz, Taghi, & Souckova, 2006). In most court cases, regarding termination over email privacy, the courts have found in favor of the companies. An employee must be able to prove that there is a reasonable expectation of privacy and the intrusion would seem highly offensive to the reasonable person (Smith & Tabak 2009). The court often finds that there is no reasonable expectation of privacy in the workplace. Even with the courts on a company side, the company needs to make sure they are not wasting time in court, in office hours of monitoring, or causing employee turnover and low production due to the rules that are in place. This would be the reason for a new email privacy policy. The policy would need to be clear in what and when is actually being monitored. Information examples need to be given, and the repercussions for misuse of company email need to be addressed. This would protect both the employee and the

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