Essay about Elements of a Successful Novel

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What makes a great novel?
What makes a great novel? Is it the unknown, the lies, the secrets, the drive to figure out what going on? Many writers have express many opinions on what they believe makes a great novel. Some feel it’s the mystery within the novel. Some feel it the underlying message that the author is trying to portray the reader, and others may feel it is the rising action of drama and conflict of the characters within the story. All these assumptions and opinions can be true. Every writer has a unique gift that they want to share with a specific audience, rather that audience be children, teenagers, young adults, and or older people. Most books have a dramatic structure, leading the reader through the introduction, rising
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In “Lady Audley’s Secrets” by Mary Elizabeth Braddon, the author uses a lots of mysteries throughout the story to draw in the reader. Mysteries such as, “Who is Lucy Audley? What is her secret, and did she really kill her husband?” (Braddon). Mystery in a book gives a book the sense of drive, excitement, a page turner what’s going to happen next. “The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery.” (Nin). No matter how much we now or think we the book is going to go in a certain way the act of mystery, the act of the unexpected can change the mindset of the reader. The reader can be stunned by the turn out of a certain mystery which can make it a great novel or the reader can be guess the mystery which can make it a bad novel. But is this always true? Just because a novel has a bad mystery does that make it a bad novel? What about the other qualities that could be in the book such as having a great detective scheme in the novel can that turn a bad mystery into a great novel?

Who’s the killer? Where the lost boy? Where is the treasure? These questions and many more are examples of things a detective in a story has to figure out to give not only the characters in the story but also the reader as well. With a great detective scheme the reader can try/ begin to think as if they were the detective themselves trying to find the answer to the question. "The world is full

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