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I am entirely certain that twenty years from now we will look back at education as it is practiced in most schools today and wonder how we could have tolerated anything so primitive. The pieces of the educational revolution are lying around unassembled."
- John W. Gardner, Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, "No Easy Victories" (1968)

Sadly over 40 years later, the the educational revolution still hasn't taken off. The “pieces” are still lying around unassembled and the education in the schools is still tolerated. The need for change of public schools in the United States has been emerging since of the the passage of Pennsylvania's Common School Act in 1834. The Common School Act of 1834, set up a "general” system of
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One of the biggest and most complex issues of the education reform is funding. Funding has created such an issue for public schools and continues to be one of the biggest reasons that school and students continue to fall behind. The increasing lack of funding leads to issues such as large classroom sizes, outdated textbooks, overwhelmed teachers, and students who fall through the cracks. Since 1965, the Title I funding program has been used to help school districts increase opportunities for the low-income students. The Title I funds are disbursed through four basic formulas. Each formula distributes money based on poverty, but each does so with a different concentration. For example, basic grants serve districts with at least ten poor children who comprise at least 2% of enrollment, while Concentration grants serve districts that have more than 6,500 poor children or a poverty rate greater. However, the funding formulas are essentially broken. States with a high rate of poverty rate tend to receive less than those with a lower poverty rate.

Although a major issue in the failing public education system is funding, the quality of teachers is also a huge issue. Some view teachers as the second most important person in a child's life, next to their parents, of course. Since teachers play such a vital role in childrens life it is essential to the future of our children and education system to ensure that

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