Education: Homework and Priorities Essay

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Teachers never seem to be sympathetic to the needs of high school students; they assign work as though they think that studying is the most important aspect of our lives. The fact is that teachers are genuinely out of touch with the realities of today. High school students have so many outside activities, ranging from hectic social lives to late night employment, that there is little or no time to do their school work. Therefore, schools should change their policies to say that not more than five minutes of homework per class be assigned each night. What's more, students who elect not to do their homework should not fail because of this. The most significant difference in the way today's student spends his/her time is that of …show more content…
Then there is cheerleading, UIL academic competition (which is, of course, secondary), class fund raising — the list goes on and on. Teachers fail to take into account that today's school has an obligation to train the college athletes of tomorrow. In fact, the National Assessment of Losers found that most teachers still maintain that reading and writing is more necessary to having a fulfilling and meaningful life than sports (Jerrybasher 90). In a letter to the editor of New Old Times one teacher asserted that he “would just as soon see the city sponsor sports” (Knott B4). It is sad to think that our youth is led by people so out of touch with the real purpose of our educational institutions. Another very important element of today's generation is cruising. Teachers seldom understand the significance of this social activity, even to the point where they literally suggest that students ride the bus to school (Numbhead). Cruising was less important in their day, since it is well known that most of our teachers found their life mates the “old fashioned way,” by having their parents select them. Cruising takes cash. First there is the car. Henry

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