E.E. Cummings- Innovative Poet Essay

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E.E. Cummings was one of the most innovative poets in American literature. He is especially known for violating the rules of composition, rejecting punctuation, and capitalization (Costello 1). Cummings wrote prolifically: nearly 800 poems, plays, ballets, fairy tales, and autobiographies (Smelstor 2).
Mr. Edward Estlin Cummings was born on October 14, 1894 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was the first born of twochildren, his parents were Edward Cummings and Rebecca Haswell Clarke (Smelstor 2). In 1899, his family bought Joy Farm, an idyllic retreat the White Mountains. This is where Cummings would spend most of his summers. The pastoral surroundings and good country neighbors instilled in him a love of nature, simple pleasures, and
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Drafted shortly after his return to the states. Cummings spent about six months at Camp Devens, in Massachusetts (Bloom 13). After the war, Cummings Began dividing his time between New York and Paris, where he studied art. He continued to write poetry and live a Bohemian life style (Aliprandini 1).
Cummings had an affair with Scofield Thayer's wife Elaine and resulted in a daughter, Nancy. Elaine eventually divorced Thayer and married Cummings. However, their union lasted less than a year, and their daughter did not find out about her true parentage until she was nearly thirty years old (Bloom 13). In 1925 Cummings met Anne Barton, a spirited sometime fashion model who helped heal Cummings' heartbreak over Elaine. The two married in 1927 (Cummings and Anne (Bloom 13). A turning point in his life resulted from a trip Cummings took to the Soviet Union 1931. Wanting to see first hand how the Communist state supported the artistic pursuits of its citizens he discovered that Soviet artists enjoyed little artistic freedom despite official propaganda little artistic freedom despite official propaganda to the country (Aliprandini 2).
Resulted of his idiosyncratic punctuation and typography, E.E. Cummings is often labeled an experimentalist. One of the most curious aspects of Cummings work, however, is that it combines experimentation with tradition (Smelstor 2). His insights into scapegoating

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