Drowning Anna by Sue Mayfield Essay

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I read the book Drowning Anna by Sue Mayfield. It is a book about a girl who is forced to deal with a ruthless bully, Hayley Parkin. She also goes through heartbreak, backstabbing, and much more. Anna Goldsmith, the main character of my book, moves from a classy city in London, England, to a small Yorkshire town. At first, she is treated like a queen, mostly because of her movie-star good looks. She has beautiful black hair, and perfect, glowing skin. She is also an A student. She plays the in the orchestra and succeeds in everything that she does. Everyone liked her at first, especially Hayley Parkin. Hayley is rich and beautiful with long blonde hair. She is the popular girl who everyone bows down to. Hayley and Anna were inseparable at …show more content…
It even got physical sometimes; she would “accidentally” slash her hockey stick onto her ankle so that Anna couldn’t walk. The teachers believed that Hayley only did it on accident. They didn’t do anything about it, even though it happened time and time again. Even though Hayley did all this cruel stuff to Anna, every time Hayley pretended to be nice to her, Anna believed it. She would get her hopes up and then have them crushed with the next “joke”. That’s what Hayley called what she was doing, jokes. And that Anna was just over-reacting. The sad thing is, is that everyone believed her. This went on for two whole years, and among those long two years, Anna managed to find a friend, Melanie. Melanie wasn’t always the best friend to Anna, but she was always there for her. When Anna was cutting her wrists when times got bad, Melanie would hold her while she cried. And when Anna’s boyfriend, Nick, broke up with her, Melanie was there for her. Even though Anna completely ignored her while her and Nick were going out. Melanie was a wonderful friend, but I don’t think she ever really understood Anna completely. She also thought that Anna was over-reacting, until the day Anna tried to kill herself. Melanie yelled at Anna that day, before Anna took her own life. Melanie was shouting at her because she thought Anna was making too big of a deal out of Hayley pushing her. But that push

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