Domestic Waste Essay

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With the economic growth, the living standards of people in Hong Kong become higher and higher. Meanwhile, we are producing more and more waste, especially the domestic waste. According to the Environmental Protection Department (2013), the existing landfills would probably be exhausted one by one by 2020 if the waste level continue to increase at current level (¶13). Therefore, we should take action immediately to find a solution so as to deal with the domestic waste problem. To ameliorate the problem, the possible solutions could be building incinerators, enlarging the area for landfills and reducing the amount of domestic waste, with the last one being the best solution.

One of the possible solutions might be to build incinerators.
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Another possible solution could be to increase the number of landfill sites or to expand the existing landfill sites. Having more area for landfilling, the landfill sites would be exhausted after a longer time. The waste we produced could still be sent to the landfill sites and the problem of having insufficient place for landfilling might be postponed.

However, the solution would only be a short-term method and probably relieve the problem, not solving the problem. First of all, there is insufficient land in Hong Kong that most of the area had been planned for some other special uses so that it would be very difficult to find an appropriate place to launch this plan. Besides, no matter how much we enlarged the landfill sites, the landfill sites would be full one day. It is impossible for us to enlarge the sites continuously and without an end. Again, according to the ‘Not in My Back Yard’ phenomenon, nobody would wish to have a landfill in his district and people living around the existing landfills would feel that is unfair to them if the existing landfills are expanded to work for more years. According to Tien (as cited in Chong, 2013), it will be unfair to Tuen Mun and Ta Kwu Ling people if they need to suffer for the problem brought by everyone in the society.

The best solution would be to reduce the amount of domestic waste through ‘reduce’, ‘reuse’, ‘replace’ and ‘recycle’. This method would be the most environmental friendly among the

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