Does “The American Scholar” Reflect the Values of the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution? 6

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In 1837 Ralph Waldo Emerson in his speech to the scholars of the Phi Beta Kappa society at Cambridge in Massachusetts stated the need for Americans to preserve their own culture through literature. According to him the American literature was mostly influenced by the Europeans and this had made the Americans forget their own form of literature. He stated that the European literature was encouraging scholars to memorize the writings of other writers and not help them learn anything new. This he said was the negative impact books had on the scholars. He explained that writers can get ideas from nature and write about it in any way they please and that their actions are equally important in developing the new form of literature in America. An …show more content…
That means a scholar should not always rely on something to write on and not always use the book to rely on where as in book it’s the point of view of the writer and it is his view towards whatever the book is written about. So, it is in scholar’s hand whether to believe everything whatever the writer has written on or to have its own opinion towards it. There by the main point over here which focuses on is that man should never rely on someone else for living or to do anything but to have one’s own right voice to give back the feedback and write own point of view.
Being creative is something which shows the creativity through the nature the source of inspiration comes out from the inner side and the peace which should return to the nature because nature can only salvage against the offensive forces of modernization such as isolation (Cliff, 2014). Where nature is the health of knowledge as it gives back the true essence of a nature (Cliff, 2014).Where as in the declaration of independence it talks about the intellectual thinking as a whole where as a whole should think and work towards it practically rather than always rely on someone for their own living. In American constitution the power is all passed down to the people where its similar to the creative thinking which the people get to choose their own leader rather than to be under some ones control.
According to Emerson, self trust

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