Does ‘The American Scholar’ Reflect the Values of the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution? 4

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In an address to the scholars in the Phi Beta Kappa society at Cambridge in Massachusetts Ralph Waldo Emerson in 1837 delivered a speech in which he stated that the literature during the European influence required scholars to memorize texts written by other writers. The speech was titled The American Scholar and the main idea of his speech was that the literature in America should be completely different from the European literature. Basically the scholars should have the freedom to write in any form they wish to write in and not copy the way other writers have already written. By this statement Emerson reminds the citizens of America that their culture were modified by the Europeans so much that people had already started to forget their …show more content…
The ideas are therefore not their own but an agreement to the persuasion of other writers. It is as good as stealing and pretending like the object belongs to them. If instead the scholar observes nature and finds ways to describe everything in their own words it will be an original form of writing. As described by Emerson (1837) "To the young mind everything is individual, stands by itself. By and by, it finds how to join two things and see in them one nature; then three, then three thousand; and so, tyrannized over by its own unifying instinct, it goes on tying things together, diminishing anomalies, discovering roots running underground whereby contrary and remote things cohere and flower out from one stem." Emerson refers to those with original ideas to be man thinking than being mere thinkers. However if the old writings has a medium to exist on then the ideologies can still be affected. This can happen through scripts written on papers and books. Old books that contain persuasive articles can always keep people from having new ideas and following what is transcribed in the books instead.
Emerson in his speech finds that books can have a negative impact on the minds of young scholars if at all the thoughts are written down. He states that it can influence the writers in writing about a particular subject

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