Do Video Games have a Negative Impact on Children Essay

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In the world today, video games are a big part of almost more than half of America’s children. But some people like to believe that video games are a danger to their children and blame the violence in the world today among children on video games. But is that really the answer, blaming “violent” video games? Parents should be more involved in what their children interact with. However, it is highly doubtful when the creators of video games don’t force anyone to purchase their games; but only advertise and spread the word about their game. Also, creators make these games for a virtual world to play in and experience as if the player is really there. Now if a child makes something real out of what is not than that is proof that the child …show more content…
(Pg.14) Or could it be that the child is isolated at home and school and don’t really care what happens with their life so they take out their aggressiveness on poor innocent people. Sternheimer also states that a 2005 review found evidence that playing video games, improves spatial, skills and reaction times, but not that the games increase aggression. (Pg.15) Given the writers research not all games are the reason for violence but maybe the parents are to blame for purchasing the “violent” game for their child. In “Video Game Violence and Public Policy”, David Walsh Ph.D., received consistent pattern results from researchers. The first statement researchers said was: “Exposure to violent video games increases physiological arousal.” (Pg.2) In other words heart rate, systolic blood pressure, and diastolic blood pressure all increase when playing violent games. (Pg.2) Second, “Exposure to violent games increase aggressive thoughts.” (Pg.3) For example, children who play more violent games are more likely to have a hostile attribution bias, which is when aggressive children perceive the action of peers. (Pg.3) Third, “Exposure to violent games increases aggressive emotions.” (Pg.3) For example, when asked to name the “bad things” about computer games, many students reported that they make people more moody and aggressive. (Pg.3) Walsh stated most of the

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