Essay about Distortion of the Female Image

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The modernist period is characterized by society’s attempt to break traditional norms through forms of art. An issue evident during the modernist period, and even still today, is the denigration of the female image. While women thrive to prove their potential, they continue to be portrayed as powerless. As a patriarchal society, this norm fails to be altered and continues to be present. Although there was an increase in women’s literacy at the time, some did not believe in the idea of gender equality. Though gender debates were new to modernists and early contemporary artists, Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary, Frida Kahlo’s The Broken Column, and The Beatles’ Run For Your Life fail to break the traditional norm. Instead, they contribute to …show more content…
Emma realizes that there is no only way for her to escape her horrible life. The freedom and equality she yearns for is not attainable due to her gender and the norms of society. She realizes she is powerless and would rather be dead than continue to live a meaningless life. The fact that suicide was Emma’s only way out of her misery is heartbreaking. This book evokes pity and sympathy due to the unjust hardships women went through during this time. Frida Kahlo’s The Broken Column is a self-portrait that tells the story of her own painful struggles. This piece of art vividly and bluntly depicts the struggles women went through during the modernist period. Women felt isolated, empty, and alone, just as the lonesome woman in the painting. The tears coming down her eyes show her pain, anguish, and frustration. It seems as though her life has no meaning. She is literally empty inside, with only a broken backbone holding her up. Her backbone is representative of a support system, which is wrecked and absent in her life. The straps that surround her body represent the confines of society. They hold her back from freely doing as she desires, tying her down, and telling her she is weak and defenseless. The nails that poke at her body represent the numerous times society has detained her from being free. In many attempts to run

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