Discussion of Different Types of Media Essay

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Discussion of Different Types of Media

Media affects and influences the nation and the world through many different ways. Mass media is a name given to organisations that communicate to our society this includesÂ’ television, radio, newspapers, magazines, advertising and the internet. Mass media also shows us what kind of society we live within.

Television is the biggest type of media as nearly everyone owns or views a television. Within recent years television media has dramatically increased following the expansion of channels. This means that television now appeals to a wider audience. From soaps, like Coronation Street, to documentaries, like a day to remember, thereÂ’s something for all
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An estimated 20million viewers witnessed this event. By the end of the 1950s over 95% of the British population owned a television.

Initially there were three television companies which served three regions. They were; London, the North and the Midlands. Companies bought the right to provide television within their area but each region still has its own independent company which generates local news and local programmes. ITV was launched on 22nd September 1955.

Improvements in technology have led to a dramatic increase in the amount of television programmes and channels available. In 1962 the first ever live pictures of America were shown in black and white on television. Today many programmes feature live from countries over the world in full colour.

Advertisement is not only one of the most common forms of media but one of the most over-exposed type of media there is. This is because advertisements appear in every single type of other media, therefore making advertisements are an essential way for people to ‘advertise’, or make known, their products. A good example of this is in magazines, in many teenage magazines feature life stories, surveys/questionnaires, celebrity interviews etc,

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