Discussing the Ohio Standards for Teaching Essay

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A typical definition for teacher is one who passes on knowledge, but the job of teacher entails so much more than simply imparting knowledge to students. Or, rather, the job is not so simple. In order to pass on the information and understanding necessary for a student to become proficient enough to become a contributing member of society, there are many things at which a teacher must be competent. The Ohio Department of Education has created a list of standards for teachers as a guideline to achieve or improve in the competencies they need in order to be considered highly qualified at their profession.
The Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession are meant as a tool for teachers to develop their skills throughout their careers. The
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(Ozdimer, Gueysu, & Tekkaya, 2006). One tool that might be used with students is a learning styles inventory. With this instrument, students of most ages can self-assess to find out if their preferred learning style tends to be auditory, visual, or kinesthetic. Armed with this information, the teacher will be better able to plan effective lessons that will engage her students. Besides possessing diverse learning styles, students have varied learning needs and abilities. Teachers must recognize this, set high expectations of learning regardless of ability, and then work to help each child reach his or her potential. They have to plan instruction based on the differences in the students so that each child is able to learn and achieve. Through this kind of differentiation, teachers can seek high-quality performance for all individuals while giving students opportunities to develop their particular strengths (Tomlinson, 1999). Standard II- Teachers know and understand the content area for which they have instructional responsibility Educators are responsible for imparting knowledge to students from many content areas and on many levels. A general educator in the elementary grades typically teaches math, science, social studies, reading, health, and language arts. An effective teacher not only understands the content and skills specific to each area, but she must be able to relate the subjects to one another, as well as

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