Differentiated Instruction in the Area of Reading Essay

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Differentiated Instruction in the area of Reading Differentiated instruction caters to differences among students, how students learn, different learning styles, and the interest of each learner. Running records support differentiating lessons for each learner during guided reading. Running records are diagnostic tools designed to identify a student’s reading deficiencies and monitor progress. The implementation of running records allows the teacher to differentiate each child’s reading lesson and hone in on the child’s needs and abilities. It is the educator’s responsibility to fine-tune instructional needs so that classroom, small group, and one-to-one teaching occur when and for whom they are needed in a timely way and with the high …show more content…
50). Through guided reading or literature circles, teachers are able to gauge the students understanding and comprehension and use running records as on-going assessment. Students are able to choice their leveled books based on their interest which keeps the students engaged. Students choosing their leveled readers are another way to differentiate by allowing choices. Rather than have the entire class read the same novel or chapter book, guided reading or literature circles can be implemented to fit the varying reading levels. Anderson (2007) goes on to say, “Despite differences in abilities, learning styles, and students’ prior knowledge, this component of a lesson is typically a stable constant in most instructional lessons, meaning that all students complete the same type and amount of practice” (p. 50). When students engage with different text, such as leveled readers, their literacy environment may encourage greater risk taking (Watts-Taffe, et al., 2012). If the teacher chooses to teach the same novel or chapter book to the class as a whole, assessment can be differentiated by

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