Diet and The treatment for Iron Deficiency Anemia Essay

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Anemia happens when blood lacks enough healthy red blood cells or hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the main part of the red blood cells, and it’s what helps bind the the oxygen to the blood. If your blood cells or hemoglobin isn’t normal, then your body cells will not get enough oxygen like they should. They’re are also multiple types of Anemia, such as Sickle cell Anemia. Sickle cell is one that only affects african Americans. Iron deficiency is another name for Anemia.

Anemia affects every single organ in the human body, because our body needs sufficient blood and oxygen and anemia prevents that. If our bodily organs do not get enough oxygen flow to them, then we start to stress them out and they become fatigued. If you do not get
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There is also koilonychias, which causes the fingers nails to curve upward. The last symptom is soreness and cracks in the mouth. The symptoms for Vitamin B12 deficiency is A tingling feeling in the hands or feet, touch sense loss, difficulty walking, dementia, and hallucinations. In Sickle Cell Anemia most of the symptoms are the same, except that there’s delayed growth in children and that there will be severe pains in the limbs and abdomen. Last, but not least the symptoms for Anemia caused by sudden Red Blood Cell Destruction is abdominal pain, brown or red urine, Jaundice, small bruises, seizures, and a chance of kidney failure. If any of these symptoms are happening at once, contact a doctor because it can be fatal.

The three main causes of Anemia are blood loss, lack of red blood cell production, and High rates of red blood cell destruction. blood loss is the most common cause of anemia, especially in iron deficiency anemia. blood loss can last for a short period of time or it can take it’s time. Heavy menstrual cycles or bleeding in the urinary system can cause blood loss. Any medical procedures that have happened, such as surgeries can cause blood loss. If a lot of blood is lost, the body will start getting Anemia from all the red blood cells lost. Both acquired and genetic conditions and factors can stop the body from making enough red blood cells. Acquired means the condition was

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