Essay about Developmental Changes in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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Developmental Changes in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

In the novel "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain, the

protagonist, Huck, undergoes a series of developmental changes in his character.

He is often torn between the ideas of society and those of his friends. This

can all be very confusing for a boy who is about 14 years old. Huck also has a

drunken pap who doesn't care at all for him. Huck is then forced to live with

Widow Douglas and Miss Watson. Throughout the story we see Huck represent the

morals of the innocent prevailing over those of society. In his "adventures,"

he learns the meaning of true friendship and what's really important in life.

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has some er de dad-fetchedes' ways I ever see. Does you know 'bout dat


dat he 'uz gwyne to chop in two?"

"Yes, the widow told me all about it."

"Well, den! Warn' dat de beatenes' notion in de worl'? You jus' take

en look at it a minute. Dah's de stump, dah-dat's one er de women! heah's

you-dat's de yuther one; I's Sollermun; en dish yer dollar bill's

de chile. Bofe un you claims it. What does I do? Does I shin

aroun' mongs' de neighbors en fine out which un you de bill do b'long to, en

han' it over to de right one, all safe en soun, de way dat anybody

dat had any gumption would? No; I take en whack de bill in two, en

give half it to you, en de yuther to de yuther women. Dat's de way

Sollermum was gwyne to do wid de chile. Now I want to ast you; what's de use er

dat half a billl?-can't buy noth'n wid it. En what use is a half a chile? I

wouldn' give a dern for a million un um.'"

As you can see from this dialogue between them, they had a distinct

contrast in thinking. Huckleberry, being the young and innocent boy, believes

and conforms to the ideas of Miss Watson and others of the dominant white

society. Huck would believe just about anything that comes out of a white

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