Essay on Deferred Vengeance

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After facing the ghost of his dead father, Hamlet knows that he must avenge him. Though, through all of his efforts to murder Claudius, he is frequently delayed by his guilty conscience. He habitually second guesses himself and backs down when the moment to kill Claudius arises. Even Hamlet’s deep devotion for his mother, Gertrude, comes into play. He is becomes obsessed with her and the fact that Claudius violated her. All of these distractions affect Hamlet’s ability to make decisions. His indecisiveness alters the course of the plot and makes life more difficult for him. Hamlet first learns of his father’s death in act one, scene five (1000). He knows that he has to avenge his father when the ghost tells him, “Revenge his foul and …show more content…
“[…] I’ll have more relative than this: the play’s the thing wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king”. Hamlet second guesses himself again. He devises a plan to have the travelling actors perform a play that will hopefully cause Claudius to react, allowing Hamlet to determine if he is guilty or innocent based on his reaction. In act three, scene three (1039), another opportunity to kill Claudius arises for Hamlet, but, once again, Hamlet finds a reason not to kill the unsuspecting king. “Now might I do it pat, now a’ is a-praying, and now I'll do't, and so a’ goes to heaven, and so am I revenged: that would be scanned: a villain kills my father, and for that, I his sole son, do this same villain send to heaven”. Hamlet makes up an excuse for not killing Claudius while he is praying because he thinks that doing so would send his soul to Heaven. Hamlet would rather take his revenge on Claudius while he is doing something sinful, like sleeping with Gertrude. He thinks that if he murders Claudius while he is doing something sinful, it will send him straight to Hell. The unexpected occurrence in Gertrude’s bedroom also brought a halt to Hamlet’s plan to kill Claudius. What he thought to be the king hiding in the closet, turned out to be Polonius eavesdropping on Hamlet and Gertrude’s conversation. Hamlet thought that he had finally accomplished his goal and took revenge against Claudius, but he

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