Decay of Humanity in The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury Essay

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Mankind has made great progression with inventions such as the television. However, as people dedicate less time to study or participate in sport, and dedicate more time to tune into their television, one might wonder if this is growth or decay. In "The Pedestrian", Ray Bradbury has decided to make a statement on the possible outcome of these advances. Through clever characterisation, themes and imagery, he shows that if society advances too greatly, then mankind may as well terminate itself. When walking one night, Mr Mead is abruptly stopped by a "metallic voice", for simply walking, but in this world of 2053 A.D, walking appears to be a felony. Mead is arrested and taken "To the Psychiatric Centre for Research on Regressive …show more content…
Mead is perceptive and observant as writers tend to be. However the police car, as well as Mead, is linked with light. The light of the car, this time exhibits the non existence of humanity and portrays fierce and fiery light. Thought imagery, Bradbury advocates death, to stress what life may become in a world that has let progress drive humanity away. The city is interpreted as being similar to a desert (an area of land, usually in very hot climates, that consists only of sand, gravel, or rock with little or no vegetation, no permanent bodies of water, and erratic rainfall). Set in November where isolation is present and death is aspiring, due to a fast approaching winter. Metaphorically speaking people are described as ?phantoms?, barely visible. This is signified by their pale appearance due to the extended hours spent indoors. Sports participation and fresh air have become null and void due to such progression in technology, which has driven humanity away. Television addicts are desperate to return home from vocation attributable to their indolence. Leonard Mead expresses great outrage toward these addicts through monologue. Atmosphere is assembled upon imagery. The characters appear not to inhabit, the town as we do. Through remarkable imagery, Bradbury creates an atmosphere of desolation using similes, metaphors and

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