Essay on Debate about What Exactly is Covered by the Fisrt Amendment

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There has been much debate about what exactly is covered by the first amendment. True, it blankets free speech, but should it always apply? Obviously not when public safety is at stake. For example, yelling “Fire!” in a crowded area is punishable by law because it causes public endangerment. But, some people insist these restrictions to free speech should be more generally applied. Some even believe newspapers should be censored. They even go so far as to state certain pictures should not be published at all because they believe pictures could negatively affect the general public. Publication of controversial pictures is essential and greatly compensates for any discomfort caused by them.
In 1963, South Vietnam was commanded by Ngo Dinh
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Immediately, this picture was seen by millions. The photo was published on the first page of many newspapers the next day. Even John F. Kennedy, president at the time, saw the picture. Kennedy immediately reviewed America’s troops in Vietnam. Because of this picture, more troops were sent to Vietnam. The United States also pushed Diem into renegotiating an agreement.
Protests had been raging about the monstrosities in Vietnam for years. Innumerable words had been spoken to friends, family, newspapers, and military officials about firsthand accounts of the atrocities of the war. But it was this singular picture that inspired a complete reevaluation of the United States involvement in Vietnam.
It is dubious the newspapers understood how much this photo would impact the war. But, it is certain they wished it to have at least some influence. Publishing this picture was a very difficult call to make, but it was tremendously important.
Newspapers are vital to the backbone of America. The entire purpose of newspapers is to spread information. If newspapers had censored themselves, it is unlikely the general population would have seen what exactly was going on in Vietnam. Although, newspapers have become less popular, at the time they were the most important news broadcaster. Yes, this picture is disturbing, but war is disturbing. It is the people’s right to know what is going on as a direct result of American troops and because of

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