Essay on Death Penalty in the U.S

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In this paper I will argue for the moral permissibility of the death penalty and I am fairly confident that when the case for capital punishment is made properly, its appeal to logic and morality is compelling. The practice of the death penalty is no longer as wide-spread as it used to be throughout the world; in fact, though the death penalty was nearly universal in past societies, only 71 countries world-wide still officially permit the death penalty (; the U.S. being among them. Since colonial times, executions have taken place in America, making them a part of its history and tradition. Given the pervasiveness of the death penalty in the past, why do so few countries use the death penalty, and why are there …show more content…
However, there is another type of violation, a personal violation, this is the type of crime that is the most common, and has been the experience of most of us. Whether someone has stolen your pencil or pushed you down, you know this type of violation. Furthermore, personal violations can sometimes be divided into the public and the private. A public violation, while it is also personal, affects the whole society; private violations do not. According to Kant, punishment of these violations is the responsibility of the state, through laws, and it is fair to say that if these laws are not upheld, then the society is a weak one. Now that we have defined crime and punishment, we have the tools to explore the issue of the death penalty and the arguments for and against it. One of the main topics used to attack the death penalty is the right to life; basically that everyone should have a chance to live their life without contest, and therefore killing a murderer is unjust and cruel. However, it is my belief that a society that does not sentence a murderer to death turns into an accomplice of this crime. The criminal’s right to life, I believe, ends when he or she decides to take another’s life. The right to life allows criminals to get away with murder and other heinous crimes with minimal punishment and does little to show that our state is a strong and

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