de Gaulle and the Granting of Independence to Algeria Essay

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de Gaulle and the Granting of Independence to Algeria

Charles de Gaulle played a vital role in the decolonisation of Algeria. There were a number of factors that lead up to independence of Algeria for example the FLN.

The FLN were the foundation of the nationalist movement, after seeing France occupied by Germany in the Second World War the Algerians realised that the French were not unbeatable, and set about to over throw the French and reclaim their country, which was occupied by both colons and the French army.

In order to try and gain independence the FLN resorted to terrorism starting in 1954, attacking European settlements, their tactics were responded to with a massive show of force
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However it is argued that the USA would not interfere as they didn't want to risk the relationships with France, a major European power and a member of NATO. The USSR also did not interfere for the similar reasons, it would have been a bonus for them had the French turned against the USA, and so they didn't want to break relations. Although international opinion was ignored there was public uproar in France. Mothers didn't see the purpose of their sons dying for an unworthy cause, and public opinion was vastly turning against the fighting to keep hold of Algeria. Before the Battle of Algiers the French people had not know that the Algerians were unhappy with the system as they had no reason to believe there was any trouble. However as events unfolded awareness grew, and so did the discontent.

The war was costing France a vast amount of money, which was already sparse after the destruction caused by the two world wars and it was becoming increasingly obvious that the Prime Minister Pierre Pflimin couldn't cope with the situation or find a solution.

By 1958 the situation in Algeria had reached a stalemate, neither the French Army or the FLN were willing to surrender, and it became clear that no side would win the war. Although the Army had managed to reduce the FLN by arresting its leaders and killing its men, it was not defeated, it was always present and could and

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