Dating and Relationships - Long-distance Relationships Work Essay

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Long-distance Relationships Work

Do long-distance relationships work? That has been the question I have been asking myself since I left for college this past fall. It's one thing to leave behind your friends and family when you go away to school. However, what happens when you leave behind your high-school sweetheart? Is there any hope your relationship could last? Doesn't everyone eventually grow apart? What about the loneliness that you will feel while being away? Won't one eventually cheat or lose interest in the other? It's inevitable, or is it?

"Long Distance Relationships have never been easy, especially for the young at heart," says Dr. Charles Madinson, a psychologist from the University of Virginia.
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There is hope; you just have to look and see it. I have been away for twelve weeks now, and at times I did think all hope was lost. When that happens I just have to remind myself what my relationship really means to me, how much I want it to work. Going away to school is just another hurdle my boyfriend Tim and I have to make it over, and if we do, our relationship is going to be that much stronger.

The feelings of growing apart are hard to deal with, but as bell hooks says, "It is important to stand firm in the conviction that nothing can truly separate us from our past when we nurture and enrich that connection. An important strategy for maintaining contact is ongoing acknowledgment of the primacy of one's past, of one's background, affirming the reality that such bonds are not severed automatically solely because one enters a new environment or moves toward a different class experience." (P.82)

When I first saw Tim after I had left, I was sure that we were growing apart. I was talking about people and places that he had neither seen nor heard of. It was then that he bought me a book on how to make long distance relationships work. The authors, Blake and Bryan, suggested that I take pictures so Tim could see what was really going on

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