Culturally Diverse Workforce Essay

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Culturally Diverse Workforce Day by day our nation is becoming increasingly diverse. Organizations, which run a culturally diverse workforce, have the advantage to experience a greater range of ideas, which would bring the organization a higher than normal yield, due to stronger business results. It is important that organizations learn to embrace workplace diversity to successfully thrive in today's highly competitive global market, while providing independent development among their employees on a broader scale. The need for a diverse workforce is part and parcel of the human resource requirements associated with successful continuous quality improvement initiatives. A diverse workforce in which the contributions of each …show more content…
Different people prefer to behave in different ways. Some like parties; others find solitude of small groups more energizing. Some want detail and data; others leap to conclusions. Some naturally give objective criticism; others spontaneously praise. Some are always seeking new ideas; some live in chaos; and others prefer organization and finishing things before moving onto something else. These differences fit together into an individual's personality. Understanding the personality and preferences of others is the third key collaborative decisions making. (UOP, Article 2, Howard Hills) An organization can benefit from hiring an individual who has a good education, but has an area code in the poor side of town. This individual may be highly valued by what they contribute to the organization, regardless of his/her socioeconomic status.
"Despite significant changes in the status of, and interactions between, women and men at work the balance of power between men and women in management remains unequal, with the structure and power of organizations emanating from male based values and prerogatives. Employers often use human capital theory to explain the different workplace achievements of women and men managers. Yet this perspective has been challenged by the gender literature as being insufficient. Rather, a gender and organisational analysis approach may offer better explanations to the persistence of men and women's

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