Essay on Cultural Myths' Affect on Racism and Society

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Most people are unaware of the impact that cultural myths have on their lives; however, an examination of Kearney’s text reveals that they play an important role in our lives. Cultural myths can be those thoughts that a group, community, and society believe to be true, but sometimes they are not. For instance, in America one has to work hard and then he/she will get ahead, but that’s not the case in all scenarios. Secondly, the stories about cultural myths have been passed down throughout history. Kearney tells us a story about cultural myths through the film Men in Black, which is about alien activities on earth. During the time of distress, Whites and Blacks, Hindus and Muslims put their differences aside to fight against outsiders. …show more content…
Likewise in India, the two major groups, Hindus and Muslims have huge conflicts between them. Although, Hindus are the majority, Muslims feel that since they were born there, they are entitled to the same rights. The main conflict between the two groups is the differences between their religious beliefs. Hindus do not want to abide by Islam because it has many restrictions such as no drinking, smoking, dancing, and lastly, it condemns premarital sexual activity of any kind. For these reasons, Hindus want to live apart from Muslims and fight against them. Many Muslims and Hindus were killed because of the disputes. Of course, each group has its own story concerning these disagreements. Similarly, Whites and Blacks have a wide gap in their cultural myths. The same applies for Hindus and Muslims. The Bollywood film, Mangal Pandey addresses between Hindus and Muslims. When the British get in the way, these two groups compromise and fight against their occupiers. The British live a high standard of life at the expense of the local people of India. This causes widespread resentment. To makes things worse, the British take advantage of the Indians and use them as their soldiers (Sepoy’s). After a hundred years under the rule of the British, the people of India are fed up. They now crave for democracy and independence. In the movie, they showed minor fights between Hindus and Muslims, but when it came to

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