Essay on Crucial Effect Of The Cuban Missile Crisis

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Since the Cuban Revolution of 1959, tension and problematic situations have arose between the United States and Cuba (US-Cuba Relations 1). Before America helped Cuba fight of the Spanish for their independence, the Americans had strong political and economical affairs within the island (US-Cuba Relations 1). But, since the Cubans created a nation of their own, they blocked the Americans from many freedoms within Cuba (US-Cuba Relations 1). Although there are many examples of the tension between America and Cuba, the Cuban Missile Crisis had the most crucial effect on their long lasting feud.

The main reason for the crucial effect of the Cuban Missile Crisis comes from the fact that this event was the closest the world has ever been to
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At this time, America demanded that Soviets pull their missiles out of Cuba, yet Khruschev also sent a letter demanding that America may not invade Cuba at any time (Overview of the Crisis 1). As the tension grew larger as the two sides continued to feud, the Soviets sent out a second letter expressing that they would only remove the missiles in Cuba if America would do the same in Turkey (Overview of the Crisis 1). To resolve the matter, and avoid a nuclear war, General Robert Kennedy proposed to instead ignore the second letter, and agree on the terms of first (Overview of the Crisis 1). Fortunately, on October 28, the tensions were lowered as Khrushchev announced that they were removing missiles from Cuba (Overview of the Crisis 1). This event showcases the strength of two countries in war, and how it can lead them towards wild things. Without people with rationale, this event could have become very dangerous. Therefore, America and the Soviet Union, along with Cuba, were very close to starting a nuclear war.

In other comparison, the Cuban Missile Crisis also proves to be crucial because the lesson of resolution it has taught. This event was started because of the fear that both Cuba and the Soviets had over America’s power. Since both the Soviets and America had nuclear weapons, they were prepared for a nuclear war (Overview of the Crisis 1). The event of the Cuban Missile Crisis was had the potential and was on the

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