Creation of the Universe Debate Essay

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Creation of the Universe Debate

First, the universe was created with the Big Bang or it was God who stuck the much. In other words, the universe was created by God or the science events.

The theory that God created the universe is Cosmological argument and it is also known as the fist cause argument. Also it is a posterior because it is based on what can be seen in the world and the universe.

It means that there are some evidences and proofs. It is not like "Ontological argument" which is Priori because it doesn't depend on experience and reason, not sensation.

The cosmological argument depend on the belief that there is a first cause behind the existence of the universe [COSMOS]
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It means there is no infinity regression. There must have been a first or Prime, mover, which itself was unmoved. Aquinas argued that the prime mover is God.

The second way is based on Causes. And Aquinas observed that nothing can be the cause itself, as this word means that it would have bad to exist before it existed. Also he rejected an infinity series of causes and believed that there must have been the first and uncaused cause.

The third way is based on Contingency. Aquinas concluded that there must have been time when nothing existed. Therefore the cause of the universe must be external to it and must always have existed. There must be "necessary being" to bring everything else into existence. Aquinas argued that "necessary being" was God. He concluded that if God did not exist, then nothing would exist.

The other philosopher of Cosmological argument is William Lane Craig and his argument is the Kalam, which means that argue or discuss. Craig crams that everything that begins to exist has a cause of its existence, and since the universe began to exist, the universe has a cause of its existence. Transcending the entire universe there exists a cause, which brought the universe into being. The cause is God.

Gattfried Leibniz, he argued that everything have to have sufficient reason and external cause. It means that the

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