Essay Counseling Psychology: The Adlerian Approach in Therapy

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Counseling Session (Project)
Adlerian Approach
The Adlerian approach in therapy differs from all other approaches in its perception of human emotions and strivings. As the other theories solely focused on the past of humans and their unconscious minds, Adler and his followers stressed more on social interest and community feeling, even though they don’t ignore other factors such as one’s childhood events. The latter believed than people have an innate sense of inferiority that will make them pursue happiness, success as well as fulfill their ambitions. In other words, Adlerians tend to help clients in therapy sessions to become more aware of these free privileges that they can have access to. Hence, the therapy journey is characterized
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In the third phase, the therapist will use findings from the previous stage to analyze them. The client in his turn will have some time to listen to his interpretations and discuss them with him. This method is really helpful in making the client more aware of what’s going on in his “hidden side” and will lead to the fourth phase which focuses on the reorientation and reeducation of the client. After getting the issues to the awareness of the client, the therapist will provide the client with an important tool in Adlerian psychology which is encouragement. The latter will show the client that he can solve his problems and he doesn’t have to do that by himself. The therapist can give him some daily tasks which may contribute to the process of healing.
You may wonder why I chose the Adlerian approach for this project. Well, several factors helped me do this decision. For starters, the Adlerian theory is based on positivity, and focuses on the client rather than on his issues. It makes the person feel valuable and has a role to play in this life. This is a common point that I share with Adler as I believe people need to see always the bright side of things so that they can taste the pleasure of being alive. Not only does the Adlerian approach help solve problems, but it also make us restore faith in humanity. Since its main pillars are encouragement and empathy, the clients will not

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