Essay on Consumption in Western Society Today

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There has been a major shift from a production to a consumption based society in the western world today. Consumption has a very strong presence and can be a means by which people create their identity. Today people can consume without leaving home and can be influenced to purchase by turning on their televisions or walking down the street and being surrounded by advertising. Below, I will outline some possible reasons for this shift and discuss the dangers of people creating identities through consumption.
The rise in consumer society takes place in all phases of capitalism as far back as capitalism began (Paterson, 2005 p.13). There was a massive increase in consumption in post war America which in turn increased consumption in
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For this form of advertising to be successful, consumers must be aware of their internal thoughts and reactions. Alternatively, consumers can base consumption on a products individual features or their reaction to the product as a whole (Hung & Wyer Jr, 2011). Simple things such as background music and images used in stores when shopping can affect our consumption patterns. Bauman believes that a function of advertising is to ease the self doubt that is driven from consumer choice. He also believes that; product endorsement by well known personalities, the authority of scientific research, lifestyle advertising, knowledge that many other people use a product are some of the many ploys that assure individuals that choices are right and rational (Warde, 1994).
Internet shopping is on the increase globally. It allows consumers to shop without leaving home, whereas they can select items online and have them delivered to their doorstep. It is very convenient for income and time restricted consumers, allowing people to purchase from remote locations as long as they have access to the internet. It saves consumers travelling time and expenses, waiting time in checkout lines and time spent looking for parking or walking and searching in different stores. It is also more likely that a consumer’s internet purchasing will increase as their experience and confidence on the internet increases. There are risks with

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