Comparisson of Borderlands and Always Running by Gloria Anzaldúa

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Comparison Paper Borderlands vs. Always Running In Gloria Anzaldúa's novel Borderlands: The New Mestiza, she uses the ancient Aztec goddess Coatlicue as a gateway towards a new consciousness and identity for herself, as a Chicana. In a world full of opposites and polarity, a one sided view of life is often what is adopted in mainstream western thinking. In the chapter "The Coatlicue State", Gloria Anzaldúa describes her childhood of feeling abnormal. To come to a new state of consciousness, she describes how she must embrace Coatlicue, the ancient Aztec mother-goddess. The first metaphor Anzaldúa uses to bring about the new consciousness of the Coatlicue state is that of the mirror. In the section "Enfrentamientos con el alma" or …show more content…
In response to these defenses Anzaldua answers, "Those Coatlicue states which disrupt the smooth flow (complacency) of life are exactly what propel the soul to do its work: make soul, increase consciousness of itself."(46) Adding to the artistry of her words, Anzaldúa uses poetry and metaphor mixed with the regular text. She uses the metaphor of Coatlicue's snakes, and says "Come little green snake. Let the wound caused by the serpent be cured by the serpent"(46) To use our own hidden self, to cure the pain it has caused is the way of Coatlicue. (43) By changing the narrator's voice from first person to third person, Anzaldúa has objectified her childhood fears. The fears now do not belong to the part herself that she calls "I", but to the part of herself that is "she". On the first page of the chapter is a poem about the physical appearance of Coatlicue. The poem contains short and descriptive lines, scattered over the page. (45) This poem tells of a young girl's feelings of inadequacy and the fears she has of her own body and herself. Anzaldúa's use of historical archetypes, such as the goddess Coatlicue, artistry in her words and poetry, as well as the seriousness of the text she writes, contribute to her cry for a new consciousness for people who fall out of the mainstream, and for those in the mainstream. The message is that we are victims of ourselves, and that which has silenced us to the point of not recognizing certain parts of us. When we are able to

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