Comparison of Philippine Insurrection and Vietnam War Essay

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There are many similarities and differences between the Philippine Insurrection of the late nineteenth century and the Vietnam War of the late twentieth century. Types of warfare and atrocities committed during both conflicts are comparable, while factors such as war objectives and motivations differ greatly. I personally feel that the United States had a better cause for fighting the Vietnam War, even though it was our first major military defeat. Despite the American loss, it was more worthwhile to fight in the Vietnam War than in the Philippine Insurrection because the United States had a more laudable reason for involvement. American involvement in the Philippine crisis represented a brave new step for the country because it had …show more content…
A much different situation existed prior to the Philippine Insurrection of the late nineteenth century. Realizing that this was a war and not an insurrection is important. First, the United States was not in control of the Philippines at the outbreak of war, so the Filipinos were not rebelling against any established authority (Sumodobila). Secondly, the fighting was between two organized forces representing two different interests, the United States and the Philippine Republic (Sumodobila). Also, the connotation of the term insurrection takes away the dignity from those who fought in the war and is a humiliation to the Filipinos (Sumodobila). At this time, the United States was mainly an isolated country, partaking minimally in foreign affairs. However, the United States was beginning to become more involved in international problems, especially those occurring in its own hemisphere. According to the Monroe Doctrine, the United States would take action if any foreign power attempted to colonize lands that had already established independence or were seeking autonomy. The Spanish represented a threat to Cuba’s independence and the United States, following this principle, decided to aid the revolutionaries. One of their first military strategies was to eliminate Spanish control in the islands of the Philippines, and after peace resolutions of the Spanish-American war, the United States debated upon annexation

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