Comparing Two Utopias: Jim Jones' Utopia and Aldous Huxley's Utopia

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In our attempt to achieve the "perfect society" in which everyone is happy we have failed to realize that happiness means something different for everyone, and that severe contradictions will destroy a so called "perfect society". Webster's dictionary defines a Utopia as, "An ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects" (696). A Utopia symbolizes a society perfect in every way for everyone. In the real world we must endure many hardships: disease, poverty, violence, natural disasters, and so on. In an effort to put an end to all of these detriments to existence people strive to create Utopias. Novelist Aldous Huxley, in his novel Brave New World, describes a fictional utopia. Huxley's utopia has …show more content…
Politically, there isn't much to the "Brave New World". World Controllers rule very large geographic regions, while Alpha pluses (upper level Alphas) make important decisions regarding the governing of the people within each world. People are conditioned through hypnopaedic sessions that educate citizens. This form of education, however, is limited to superficial phrases preaching guidelines by which to live one's life through loudspeakers during their sleep. Hypnopaedia is more akin to brainwashing than instruction. Worship of the "god" Ford is practiced by all citizens. Praise of the "god" Ford is practiced in drug-laced ritualistic orgies. Philosophically, the most important thing to the citizens of Huxley's novel is happiness at any cost. Love, family, true religion, the arts, and individuality are sacrificed in order to achieve the invented happiness that is experienced by the characters in this story. The society is an example of an attempted utopia that turns out to be a dystopia.

A real-life example of another dystopia is Jim Jones's People's Temple Guyana Community. Jim Jones's following started as an assembly of over 900 members in Indianapolis, Indiana during the 1950's. Jim attracted a large following by preaching freedom, equality, and love. Jim's biggest attraction was his false performance of healing supposedly sick members of his church. Within a few years, the People's Temple moved itself from Indiana to Ukia,

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