Comparing Tigers Essay

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Tyger! Tyger! burning bright

In the forests of the night,

What immortal hand or eye

Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

This is the first stanza of William Blake's famous poem, "The Tyger" which is also featured as the opening paragraph in "The Child by Tiger", a short story by Thomas Wolfe. In the narrative, a seemingly kind, gentle, and religious African American male named Dick Prosser goes on a vicious rampage after drinking excessively and getting in a fight with his love interest's husband (Wolfe 735). At the end of the story, a large mob made up of vengeful White people seeking justice against the "crazed Negro" tracks him down to a riverbank, where Dick awaits them with his shoes at his side and a firearm squeezed dry of
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As it says in the book, right before Prosser shot Pansy's husband, "What happened, what passed between them, was never known. And, besides, no one was greatly interested. It was a crazy nigger with 'another nigger's woman'" (735). Prosser is clearly not only a victim of man's need to feel superior to another, but he also possesses some pent-up aggression. Early on in the story, Prosser gets into a car accident with a drunken white male and the driver at fault punches him twice in the face and causes Prosser to bleed profusely; he could not hit back though, he had to just take this abuse like a rubber boxing dummy (727). Dick even has to treat the neighbor kids as his superiors by calling them "mister" and even referring to his master's son, Randy, as "Cap'n Shepperton" (724). Events such as this withdrew enough crucial supporting blocks from his Jenga tower to make it subject to topple so easily.

Dick Prosser's actions, however, lead to something else that is just as appalling, if not, worse than Dick racking up a body count. In their fear and rage upon hearing of the blood spilt at the hands of the Black servant, a large group of residents in the area, in the form of an angry mob, place themselves within the proximity of Mayor Will Hendershot (733). By the time the mayor begins to address his town's citizens, they had already become unruly and unwilling to follow his

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