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In the real world, each of us is considered different, because people have different opportunities, different purposes, and different ways of thinking. And of course, one person cannot have the same thought train as another. As individuals, we base our thinking on what we know, or our knowledge. Our knowledge is another aspect of thought, which we have chosen to accept. Individual thinking is an essential quality that every person performs. I believe that everyone is unique and no two people can possibly be the same, that no two people can ever think the same exact thoughts or feel precisely the same emotions. Every person will have his or her own personal ideas about a particular object, place, or subject. …show more content…
If I am less intelligent than you, than you are smarter than I am. You will most likely be the leader, whereas I would know no better than to follow, and you will have the larger capacity for success in your endeavors. However, simply having knowledge is not enough. One must know when and how to use it to be a thinker.
     Research is a method to identify relevant information, and thinking is the process of reflecting on what has been discovered and concluded. For example: Let’s look at the phrase “to think” in a general way. It is not the only process of reflecting on what the senses perceive, but it is also an interpretation of the senses. It is quite possible to hear but not to listen. Listening requires the mind to be used in interpreting what has been heard. For the purposes of this explanation, consider hearing as the senses, and listening to be part of thinking. This is only a convenient definition since certain aspects of listening or seeking information will demand actions that could not easily be described as thinking.
     Thinking includes searching for data and inferring missing information. These processes are sometimes linked together. I can search for knowledge, but I cannot know everything. Therefore, I make inferences about things that I do not know by recapping on my previous concepts. My knowledge also includes my thoughts on an area that I do not know yet, but infer to be true.

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