Essay Climate Change and Air Pollution in Australia

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Climate Change and Air Pollution in Australia

Air Pollution

Fortunately for Alice Springs and much of the Northern Territory, its remote location and low population density mean that the city is not a large source of air pollution. In fact, in a report issued by the Northern Territory Minister of Infrastructure, Planning, and Environment, it is said that while doing testing for the National Environmental Protection Measure the government only tested for particulate matter in Alice Springs, instead of the whole slate of air pollutants, which would have included Carbon Monoxide, Ozone, Sulfur Dioxide, and Nitrogen Dioxide. These other pollutants were not a concern, because of the location and low population
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The city council is also looking into ways to change there street lighting so as to save energy. They might invest in more efficient bulbs, and possibly start using solar power to light them. The council plans to purchase more fuel efficient cars for its employees and to encourage them to carpool and walk. All of these plans will make the city council itself more green, but they also have plans to make individual households within the city greener. They want to educate citizens about greenhouse gases and how to reduce their carbon footprints by taking small steps. They would like to set up a fund to help subsidize expensive but green technology, such as solar panels for households. The council would like to make public transport and bike riding more appealing by providing more extensive bus routes and bike trails. To cut down on the town’s waste, the city council wants to implement more extensive recycling and encourage households to compost their waste. Alice Springs was named one of Australia’s “Solar Cities” in a national government program, and receives up to 16 Million Australian dollars to spend on installing and maintaining solar panels. Over 200 households have been able to install solar panels, and many more have gotten solar hot water heaters through the program. The Australian Greenhouse Office credits the Alice Springs program with reducing CO2 emissions by 12,000

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